Project description

Distillerie Shefford recently commissioned Pratico Média to carry out a photo shoot to revamp their cocktail portfolio. Together, the agency and the distiller wanted to give the brand a new visual identity. The assignment? Retake the pictures of the 16 cocktails featured on the company’s website, aiming to make them even more appealing and elegant. A photo session that made us quite thirsty…

In order to follow a single guideline and ensure uniformity, a moodboard was first drawn up. Each of the 16 cocktail recipes was then recreated directly in Pratico Média’s kitchens, next to the studios. The styling team also created a refined, subdued decor for each cocktail, reflecting the spirits they contained.

Taking photos of cocktails brings additional challenges in terms of preparation and logistics. “You have to wait until you’re completely satisfied with each setting before stylizing the glass so the ice doesn’t melt,” explained Laurie Collin, a food stylist at Pratico Média.

Ice management is a major concern in this type of project. You need to have a lot of it on hand. “I’d much rather use real ice and make the cocktail again if it melts too quickly than use fake ice. We like to be as authentic as possible in our photos,” said Ms. Collin.

For spectacular results, there is another factor to be considered: the numerous glass reflections. “We also had to take shots containing both the bottle and the cocktail, which considerably increases the level of difficulty. What’s more, in the case of Acérum, for example, the gold label required special lighting,” added Rémy Germain, photographer at Pratico Média.

Shooting cocktails is therefore more complex than you might think and involves several steps that need to be carried out meticulously. With this assignment, Pratico Média once again proved the strength of its complete in-house multidisciplinary team and the advantage of having professional facilities on site.

Being able to manage a project from A to Z with a single team and on its own premises enables Pratico Média to offer exemplary quality at every stage of the process, a feature greatly appreciated by customers. Furthermore, the agency was even able to capture behind-the-scenes footage of the session—relevant and much-appreciated bonus content for the customer’s social networks!

Project details

Type of campaign:

  • Content creation


  • Positioning or repositioning the brand
  • Brand awareness

Project Manager:
Rosalie Brière