Project description

Chef and entrepreneur Geneviève Everell, aka Miss Sushi, partnered with Pratico Média to develop the perfect new magazine for her. As both collaborators share the goal of delivering readers unpretentious recipes, this partnership was a natural fit.

The Miss Sushi magazine is created by Quebecers for Quebecers. It offers a number of recipes to inspire home cooks to use products from featured brands and showcases interviews with local entrepreneurs. The magazine comes out in bookazine format, with four issues a year available at 9,000 different points of sale, showing that there’s still a place for print magazines in 2021!

We’re extremely proud of this product, which combines the strengths of Geneviève Everell and our team. The recipes were developed by Miss Sushi, and our agency handled media creativity and advertiser relations. We developed a communications plan to harness the power of our two communities, allowing us to make a splash at the opportune moment and with the right level of impact to coincide with the next issue hitting newsstands, thereby optimizing our impact. The first issue’s launch, for example, coincided with Chinese New Year.

This new exclusive offering opened up some intriguing opportunities for our clients. For one, we were able to expand our reach by adding Miss Sushi’s community to our own. This collaboration also allowed us to provide an integrated content marketing offering, giving advertisers the chance to work with Miss Sushi, who can develop a recipe highlighting their products. Advertisers featured in the magazine have significantly increased visibility.

Project details

Type of campaign:

  • 360‑degree content marketing strategy
  • Distribution and media placement
  • Digital marketing


  • Increase visibility
  • Promote search engine optimization
  • Support a magazine launch