Project description

Haiku asked us to increase the visibility of its products during a target period: Chinese New Year. In addition to supporting its actions on its own social media platforms with a series of fun posts and videos with an Advent calendar theme, Haiku teamed up with the 5-15 brand. This increased its visibility among its top target clientele: mothers. To stimulate sales, we created a booklet of recipes showcasing their products as an insert in an issue of 5-15 magazine. Content was also posted on Haiku’s website, and a contest was launched on its social media pages.

A natural association has formed between the 5-15 brand and Haiku. The synergy between their clienteles means that content created in partnership with the brand is liked and used by the readers. This association has been ongoing for several years, and response remains enthusiastic!

Project details


  • Content development
  • Social media management


  • Increase engagement
  • Generate sales
  • Positioning

Project Manager:
Stéphanie Talbot