Project description

Content strategy

  1. We started by looking at how consumers buy eggs—by the dozen. We also wanted to tackle the question of food waste and dispel the notion that eggs are just for breakfast. We created a recurring segment for the client called “1 douzaine, 3 recettes” [3 recipes for a dozen] that was featured in all 12 of 2021’s issues of 5ingrédients, 15 minutes. Every month this segment features three recipes using a dozen eggs in total. Overall, our team of chefs, culinary stylists, photographers, videographers, content managers and other experts developed 36 recipes internally, after scouring social media and the web for inspiration and direction.We translated this strategy to an online context with a special section featuring the recipes, aligned with the client’s image, on the 5ingredients15minutes.com website. The recipes were also posted on social media and in newsletters and added to the FPOQ website along with rights for use in other communications. We also turned one recipe a month into a video to boost engagement on social media.
  1. The second half of the campaign aimed to reach and inspire consumers of eggs right in the grocery store. The vaunted distribution network of Pratico‑Pratiques, Pratico Média’s sister division, allowed us to circulate a special sponsored egg issue of the magazine in strategic locations in grocery stores all across Quebec from March 2021 to June 2021. Of particular interest was the magazine’s placement in dairy and egg aisles of supermarkets, providing consumers with recipe inspiration right where they buy their eggs.

Results and conclusion:

This content strategy enabled us to meet our objectives and promote the brand to an active target audience on a regular basis throughout the year.

Online, the campaign increased the number of recipe pages viewed by 96% and increased the reach of social media posts by 68% compared to 2020.

Project details

Type of campaign:

  • 360‑degree content marketing strategy
  • Content production
  • Distribution and media placement


  • Increase visibility
  • Increase engagement
  • Educate consumers

Project Manager:
Stéphanie Talbot