CONCOURS - Apéro virtuel avec Boursin

Project description

We worked with two other agencies in charge of creation and distribution to develop a contest for Boursin. We came up with the virtual cocktail party idea to stand in for all those happy hours people are missing due to social distancing and the pandemic.

We put our logistics and food project management expertise to good use with this collaboration, creating and sending refrigerated gift packs to over 45 winners and influencers across Canada. We also developed a visibility campaign, promoting the contest on the 5 ingrédients, 15 minutes website and social media.

Each box included:

  • Ingredients for making hors d’oeuvres
  • Ingredients for making cocktails for a virtual happy hour
  • Recipe cards
  • Boursin-branded promotional items

“If you’d said we had to deliver refrigerated packages across the country from Québec City to Vancouver in the middle of a global health crisis, in under 24 hours, I would have told you it was impossible. But we did it!”

-Marie-Septembre Larouche, Marketing Project Manager

Project details

Type of campaign:

  • Content development
  • 360‑degree content marketing strategy


  • Achieve new targets
  • Positioning
  • Support in-store actions

Project Manager:
Marie-Septembre Larouche